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We are located in the heart of Folsom, California at 1835 Prairie City Road Ste. 100. For directions to our masjid, please click HERE. We are open for all 5 daily prayers. We also have an Islamic school, weekend school and other educational and community programs. We are a non-profit IRC 501 (3) Corporation. All your Donations are tax-deductible.

Assalamu Alaikum Brothers and Sisters
There is a saying:
 ”Good things come to those who believe,
    Better things come to those who wait and
    Best things come to those who don’t give up”
Alhamdulillah ISF has believed, waited and did not give up…..never threw in the towel.
MashaAllah the Masjid Bilal construction started again on the first day of this Ramadan (Monday June 06, 2016) by the mercy of Allah swt and Dua of Hundreds and thousands of our well wishers all around the world.
  • So far we have accomplished the following:
  • The PD Permit is extended till 2017
  • All the site development permits are renewed by the city of Folsom
  • Sewer system on site is completed
  • Water connection on site is done
  • Storm Drain pipes are installed
  • Civil Engineering plans are reviewed and being updated
  • Contract signed by the Geo Technical Engineer
  • Off site curb and gutter concrete work is in underway.
  • Building permit is in the process of procurement.
The purpose of this information is to humbly request everyone to make Duas in this last ten days and nights so that the construction continues and the Masjid Bilal is built, InshaAllah in  about a year.
All are requested to drive by and/or attend the Eid Salat at the Masjid Bilal site and witness the construction.
They say a Picture is worth a thousand words. So, here we go, click the link below for the small video clips of the construction. (works best on a desktop/laptop)
Jazakallah Khair for your time.

Islamic Society of Folsom
June 2016

Twenty Three years ago in Folsom………Assalamu Alaikum Brothers and Sisters Ramadan Mubarak!

23 years ago, back in 1993 the first Taraweeh took place in Folsom. An Indian Hafiz from Kenya came to lead that Taraweeh Alhamdulillah. There were only about five people in the congregation. Very soon the community grew and so are the services of ISF, ……Nazira, Hifz, Islamic School, community Iftars, Family nights, summer school etc etc. ISF did it all. ISF got used to thin and thick congregations.

ISF has gone through several challenges and tribulations and that made ISF more stronger, committed and determined. Moving forward InshaAllah we are confident ISF will grow  and provide the best services for the deen of Allah SWT, as long as Allah SWT helps and protects the organization as he has done till this day and Allah is surely the best of the protectors and Qudrathwala Hai.

The first Thahfizul Quran with boarding in the entire west coast was established ISF back in 1994. Alhamdulillah several Islamic centers followed ISF.

Alhamdulillah several Huffaz graduated from ISF by the mercy of Allah SWT. Today the fruits of that effort are seen all over USA. Today the huffaz graduated from ISF are leading Taraweeh in Folsom, SALAM, Elk Grove, ICF(Mufti Mudassirs Masjid), Richmond, south city, San Francisco, Fremont, Santa Clara , Los angeles, Portland, Texas, Brooklyn……The Folsom Community must be proud of this.

More in Next……Ramadan Kareem!

Islamic Society of Folsom Brochure